Simple Business Set-up Workflow


Take advantage of these great product features
Multiple businesses

All your business, all in one place

Each business will require its own payment plan

Discounts available if you have more than one business

Multiple menus

As many as you like, per business

  • Day menu
  • Lunch menu
  • Evening menu
  • Specials menu
  • Weekends
  • Drinks
  • Summer Wedding
Regionally targeted socia media

When your business is added, our agents will help promote you via targeted groups and pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Mobile business?

Its simple to update your location using our Google maps feature. Independent of your regular address, adjust your map location to suit, and your business can be discovered by users in that area

Perfect for festivals, markets, beach-tours or any event anywhere in the world

Live music, pub quiz or sewing circle?

Add an events section to your menu for regular activities, or use the scheduler to decide when to display the event, and when to hide it


Use the scheduler to time when your items should appear. Schedule at various levels:

  • Business
  • Menu - timed for special occasions
  • Menu section - show or hide an entire section
  • Menu item - phase out the old, phase in the new

Ideal for setting up specials in advance

Help videos

Make the most of your service by watching the help videos

  • Account creation
  • Business edit
  • Setting your location
  • Adding opening hours
  • Setting up your social media links and contact details
Click here to see all help videos

Payment Options

Each business / premises you list will require a subscription. Each business may have multiple menus.


Includes 15 day FREE trial period

Charged at £1.50 per week + VAT

Total per year £93.60, including VAT



Includes 30 day FREE trial period

Charged at £6.00 per month + VAT

Total per year £86.40, including VAT



Includes 45 day FREE trial period

Charged at £15.00 per quarter + VAT

Total per year £72.00, including VAT



Includes 60 day FREE trial period

Charged at £52.00 per year + VAT

Total per year £62.40, including VAT