About Us

Here at Your Local Menu, we are passionate about helping small businesses achieve a web-presence for a fair and sustainable price.
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Menu Hosting Subscription Service

  • If you wish to host your menu using this service, you are free to create an account and set up your menu without incurring any charge. Note that your business and menu will not be listed until you have set up a subscription.
  • The first time you subscribe to the service, you will be granted a trial period, which is listed on the subscription you choose.
  • Charging occurs once you decide your menu is ready for publishing, and after the trial period for that subscription has elapsed.
  • Payment is by debit or credit card only, using a subscription system. We are partnered with Stripe, a payment service. YourLocal.Menu does not collect or store your payment details.
  • You may cancel at any time, see the cancellation section for greater detail. If you cancel during a trial period, no further trial periods will be offered.

Terms and Conditions

  • Typing service. This service covers the data entry for one menu only. Once your menu has been entered on to the system, all subsequent edits must be made by you.


  • Cancelling a subscription simply means your next and remaining scheduled payments will not be taken. There is a grace period at the end of a cancelled subscription where your business and menu will be still displayed. We will retain your menus and businesses for up to a year so that you may re-subscribe at your leisure. If you wish us to destroy your menu and business data sooner, please contact us.
  • If you wish to hide your business and menu, simply change the "Ready" setting for your business.
  • Cancelling a weekly subscription - there are no refunds for a cancelled weekly subscripion. Your listing will continue until the end of the current period.
  • Cancelling a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription - Your listing will continue until the end of the current period, unless you request a refund. On request, we will refund pro-rated for the number of days remaining on the current period, using your existing subscription price. We can only refund to the same payment card used to set up the subscription. This is a manual process.


  • We will never sell or give your email address to any other company. Your email address is only used for logging in and in the event that we need to contact you about your account.
  • We may occassionally offer additional services or products via your dashboard.
  • All premises / business / menu and contact details entered by you, via your dashboard, are for public consumption, and form a part of your listing. You are not obliged to list your address or your contact details, but how would you customers find you?


  • Our site uses cookies as a fundamental part of its technology.
  • If cookies are disabled on your browser, performance may degrade.
  • Cookies are set to expire after 30 days, but feel free to delete them at will.
  • A cookie may be used to store your location so that the site can retrieve menus for your surrounding area. These are solely for your convenience, we do not store or track the location information. Other than finding restaurants in your area, we don't care where you are.

Data Retention and Security

  • We will retain your business and menu data for up to 1 year after you cancel your subscription.
  • You may request deletion of your business and menu data by contacting us.
  • Any financial transactions will be retained in accordance with UK law.
  • Your login details are private and secured with Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Your payment card details are private and secured by our payment provider partner, Stripe.
  • Your business listing, menu and published contact details are encrypted on our cloud servers, but are clearly visible on your listing for anyone to see. If you want to keep them private, then don't enter them on your listing.